Tutorial Overview

This tutorial is technical, and intended for machine learning researchers who have already read our paper and are interested in writing their first Seldonian algorithm. Below we list the different parts of this tutorial.

1      Begin       Framework and Seldonian algorithm review.
2 Jump Ahead Define a simple problem that we will create a Seldonian algorithm to solve in these tutorials.
3 Jump Ahead Review the Seldonian algorithm that we will implement in this tutorial.
4 C++
Set up our coding environment. (Python coming soon.)
5 C++
Implement the Safety Test mechanism. (Python coming soon.)
6 C++
Implement the Candidate Selection mechanism. (Python coming soon.)
7 Jump Ahead Create plots characterizing the behavior of the quasi-Seldonian algorithm you implemented. (Python coming soon.)
8 Jump Ahead Discuss advanced topics like more sophisticated interfaces and Seldonian reinforcement learning algorithms.