AI Safety Research

Ensuring that Current and Future Intelligent Machines are Well-Behaved


  • January 2020: According to Almetric, the Science paper is now in the top 0.1% of all publications tracked by Almetric, and ranked 24th of Science articles published in the last two years in terms of media coverage. Media coverage includes Wired, LA Times, and The Economist, as well as international coverage from Spain (SINC), Russia (Popmech), and China (Sohu) among others. A partial list of coverage can be found here.
  • December 2019: We presented a Seldonian contextual bandit algorithm at NeurIPS 2019. We applied our algorithm to predicting whether someone will commit a crime in the future, predicting whether someone will repay a loan, and optimizing an online tutoring system to maximize student performance, all while enforcing various fairness guarantees. [link]
  • November 2019: Our paper introducing Seldonian algorithms was published in Science [link]. [Press releases 1, 2]